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The following is information on how to complete your pool team and how the pool will work.

You need to select a total of 16 teams out of the field of 64.  You must select teams in the following rankings

#1 Seed: 1 Team

#2 Seed: 2 Teams

#3 Seed: 2 Teams

#4 Seed: 2 Teams

#5: Seed: 2 Teams

#6 Seed: 1 Team

#7 Seed: 1 Team

#8 Seed: 1 Team

#9 Seed: 1 Team

#10 Seed: 1 Team

#11 Seed: 1 Team

#12 Seed: 1 Team
Tiebreaker: This can be any team in the tournament. Team must win in round of 64 to qualify as a tiebreaker. Lowest seed wins tiebreaker, if needed. (i.e. #3 seed beats #2 seed)

NOTE: You can always select a lower seeded team. You can only pick each team ONCE.

For Example:

  • Instead of a #1 seed, you can pick an extra #2 or #3 seed, etc...

  • You can pick zero #8 seeds and pick two #9 seeds, etc...

Team Selection


Scoring is done by round with wins in each following round increasing in point value.

Any upset receives two bonus points.

Scoring will be done in the following way:

Round of 64: 2 points (4 points for upset)

Round of 32: 3 points (5 points for upset)

Sweet 16: 4 points (6 points for upset)

Elite 8: 5 points (7 points for upset)

Final 4: 6 points (8 points for upset)

Final: 7 points (9 points for upset)

Once teams reach the final four, if two teams hold the same seed, the upset points will be awarded to the team that is lower in the overall tournament seeding (1-64 seeding). 

Should two or more pool teams finish with the same number of points, the team with the highest seeded tiebreaker selection winning in the round of 64 will be declared the winner (i.e. a #3 seed beats a #2 seed). Should teams still be tied after the tiebreak is applied and those teams are in the money, then prize money will be split equally between the tied teams.

Prizing / Payout

Entry fee is $50 per team entered.

Payout will be the following:

1st:  50%
2nd: 20%
3rd:  15%

4th: 10%

5th: 5%

Payment must be done by e-transfer to Michael Foster at by Thursday, March 16 at 10am ET.

Please make the password: Madness


You will receive an e-mail from me confirming that payment has been received and that your team has been officially entered.

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